About us

TechnoBreez is a growing placement and training consultancy  in Hyderabad

Our placement services focuses on providing extensive end-to- end service as per the customized requirement of our Clients enabling them to get the right candidates there by helping them to save in time and resources. Identifying and sourcing candidates from our extensive network of clients and candidates who are engaged in similar business related to our clients as well as usage of various platforms enable us to find the right candidates at a quicker time frame along with the right fit to the requisite profile. We believe that the key to effective service is to truly understand the client with the entirety of its requirement, process and their philosophy by engaging them as partners.

TechnoBreez understands the fact that the human resource is one of the most important essences of the business. We always have striven to improve the quality of our services by understanding our client’s requirement, as it is directly proportional to the satisfaction of our valuable customers. To improve the quality of the human resource, TechnoBreez has been focusing on extending training services to aspiring candidates across various platforms. Personal development of the candidate along with the conceptual understanding of the domain is emphasized as part of the training programme.

We keep a closer eye of the changing world, anticipate needs and seize opportunities and grow both as individuals and as a company. This enables us to stay ahead of competition and form a long-term and mutually rewarding partnership with our clients.

Our ability to bring in a focused and systemized approach with strong customer focus and service accountability has earned us special relationships with our clients enabling us to deliver on the client requirement. The quality of our sustained relationship with our Candidates differentiates us in this market space.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to synergize the “right talent” with the “right requirement” and to see that quality manpower is constructively and appropriately channelized. To help talented and specialized individuals in building their own career and ensure our clients find employees according to their specific requirements is a constant driving force in line with our vision.

As a part of our mission we are aligned with various institutions from various regions aided by our expansive network to fetch hitherto unexposed talents and avail them to our reputed clients.

Our Core Values


Honesty: We conduct our business with a high level of commitment and integrity. Taking responsibility for every engagement we take, living up to the ideas that define us and standing by the people that have earned our trust.


Teamwork is the building block of our existence and growth. Working hand in hand with our customers, sharing knowledge, goals enable us to achieve quality and high performance.


Integrity: Every transaction that we conduct is fueled by a sense of professional and personal integrity enabling us to fulfill the commitment with adherence to ethics.


Passion Our passion shows itself in our endless quest for knowledge and process improvement, our readiness to question and our ability to listen and learn.